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What do you like most? Spend an evening on the beach or going to a classical violin concerto? In Almería you can have both! Things like this happens in Almería city, in the beach of Almería, El Zapillo.

Ara Malikian : a postcard from Almería

This is Ara Malikian, one of the most important violinist in the world. He came to Almería for a concerto in the Alcazaba, and the musician and his concert partners spent the evening in El Zapillo, the beach in the city of Almería. 

Almería’s people are very interested in mussic. The Real Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Almería, a profesional school of music, and Escuela Municipal de Música de Almería -EMMA, music school for Almería city– are full of students, also the ClassiJazz, a cultural asociation in Almería for music fans organize a lot of of concerts, activities and many courses. The Auditorio Maestro Padilla is the main place for theatre, classical music and other shows in this city.

If you are a musician, you play any instrument and you want to practise in Almería, ask at IEAlmería for further information.